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Bishop Mark A. Moore, Sr.


Son of the late Bishop Benjamin T. Moore and Dr. Willa Moore, Bishop Mark A. Moore, Sr. is a fourth generation Pentecostal preacher.  He remembers as a child hearing his father pray at the altar one day, and feeling the burden his father had for the children of God, he asked the Lord that day to let the burden of his father fall on him.  The Lord honored his request and from that day, God has prepared Bishop Moore for the task.


Raised and educated in the school system of Indianapolis, Indiana, he received various scholastic honors.  He attended Harvard College and majored in religion although he had contemplated studying law.  Bishop Moore graduated cum laude from Harvard College in 1985.


From 1985 until the death of his father in 1988, Bishop Moore served in Indianapolis, Indiana at Christ Temple, the Mother Church of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World.  He served in various capacities, which allowed him to receive formative pastoral experience. 


As a national Evangelist from 1989 to 1991, Bishop Moore traveled the length and breadth of the country, living by faith as God elevated his ministry to another dimension.  During this period, he accepted the position of Pastoral Assistant to Dr. James D. Nelson in Baltimore, Maryland, where he served faithfully under Bishop Nelson’s leadership.  In 1992, Bishop Moore was elected to pastor Zion Temple Apostolic Church, in Havre de Grace, Maryland.  During his 8½ years tenure the church tripled in attendance and there was extensive spiritual growth.    Not only did the church flourish, but also the community benefited, strengthening “the whole man” with after-school programs, financial counseling and practical workshops.


In 1996, God spoke to Bishop Moore concerning a “new thing” in Atlanta, and in November of that year, Bishop Moore, along with a faithful handful, established Faith Covenant Church of Jesus Christ, Inc.  For four years, Bishop Moore traveled between Maryland and Georgia, pastoring both churches.  In early 2001, God released him to the church that he founded, Faith Covenant – another step of faith in the life of Bishop Moore.  His experiences as the founding pastor of Faith Covenant Church of Jesus Christ have been invaluable in rounding out his ministerial qualifications.  Pioneering a church often calls for levels of faith, sacrifice, determination, and spiritual grit that are unparalleled in any other ministerial endeavor.  Although Bishop Moore never anticipated that he would be a church planter, he has come to see this season as a part of the answer to the prayer he prayed so many years ago for the burden and mantle of his father.  The hardship and thrill of birthing a ministry have had an indelible impact upon his character, resulting in a mature, resilient and humble servant leader. In July of 2010, he was elevated to the office of Bishop in the Lord’s Church.


Bishop Moore is married to the talented and lovely Shirley Ann Moore and they have three energetic, outgoing and spirit-filled children Mark, Jr., George David , and Sharon Alise - who are all actively involved in helping him to reach the world. 

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