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God Bless You!
For years now people have been saying to me, "Write the Book!"
Well, I'm pleased to announce that I finally have! "Provisions for the Journey: A 30-Day Roadmap to Breakthroughs through Fasting, Prayer and Planning" is a tool to assist readers in discovering the explosive power of Prayer and Planning combined with Fasting to literally change everything!
Inspired by the growing nation-wide movement towards annual Fasting, "Provisions for the Journey" is a devotional guide through 21 or 30 days of consecration. Primarily spiritual, it will also include intermittent messages about such things as goal-setting, planning, etc.
It is my sincere prayer that the pages of this book provide you with infomation that will completely revolutionaize your prayer life.

Love and Blessings,
Bishop Mark A. Moore, Sr.

What People Are Already Saying...

"Spiritually stimulating!! Enriching!! Consecration is not event, but a continuing, life transforming experience. Bishop Mark Moore has given us the prescription God sent. Let's TAKE THE JOURNEY!!!"


Bishop James D. Nelson, Sr.

Baltimore, MD

"In my humble opinion this devotional book is certainly a major tool strategically designed to usher believers into an intimate and authentic RELATIONSHIP with God! Not only do I endorse the authored works, I also firmly endorse the vessel God has used to author these works Bishop Mark A. Moore Sr."


Bishop Samuel Blakes

Pastor - New Orleans & Baton Rouge, LA

Bishop Mark Moore Sr, is the consummate teacher and spiritual father to an entire generation of leaders. No doubt this book is sure to bring clarity and helpful instruction to those seeking to strengthen their understanding of prayer and fasting. With keen insight, wisdom, and practicality, this book is sure to become a "go to" source for both the inexperienced and the seasoned saint!"


Pastor Timothy Findley, Jr

Louisville, KY

"As I began reading this devotional I thought of the classic by A.W. Tozer written in 1959 entitled "Born After Midnight."  This book has the same quality and impact.  The words carefully used, the strategically placed quotes from other writers, and the relevant application of ancient truths lead me to believe that this is an instant classic read for the post-modern church. 


Though a trained theologian, Bishop Mark Moore has not presented a sterile antiseptic book filled with theories and philosophical jargon - no, you'll find that he acknowledges his own struggles with this very challenging subject which gives the readers hope.  If you use this devotional while fasting, you will find a "fullness" filling your belly that did not come from food - but from the words of this devotional."


Bishop Joel D. Trout

Riverdale, GA

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Perfect As A...


-Tool For Maximizing 

Your Year

-Guide To A Deeper Relationship With God

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