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The Power of a Why: Getting Jesus To Touch Your Deepest Need!

The Power of a Why: Getting Jesus To Touch Your Deepest Need!

"For she said, If I may but touch His clothes, I shall be whole."

Mark 5:28

She was not on the official itinerary for the day. She had no appointment. In fact, she was an interruption. The Master was on His way to Jairus' house on a mission of mercy to heal his dying daughter, when out of the thronging crowd a hand grasped Jesus' garment. We don't know her name. The Gospel writers didn't even bother to record her identity. They didn't record her name, but the power of the Lord met her need. All because of a touch.

Jairus, the leader of the synagogue sought for Jesus to touch his daughter. The unnamed woman with the issue of blood sought to touch Jesus. Both got what they were looking for, proving that whether Jesus reaches out and touches us, or we fight through the pressing crowds to touch Him, the result will be the same: miracles.

I love the unnamed underdog, the woman with the issue of blood. She gives hope to those desperate souls who can't afford to wait until s ome unappointed time for Jesus to come to touch them. She encourages us that if we can get in the press and touch Him, the bleeding in our lives will stop.

Do you need a miracle? If you can but touch Jesus during this Consecration, I promise you that He will touch you back. It may require pressing your way through the "crowd." Most professing Christians are simply part of the "crowd." They are just spectators, not candidates for miracles. I came across a quote the other day from Bishop T. D. Jakes that said something to this effect: "Most people go to church to get high, not to be changed." The Crowd.

What is this Consecration really all about? It is about pressing past the "Crowd" into the presence of Jesus. And I won't lie to you. It isn't easy. No one's flesh wants to fast and least not without a compelling reason, a "Why." Jairus' "Why" was his dying daughter. His love for her was enough to make him press past his comfort zone and give up his dignity. The unnamed woman's "Why" was her bleeding issue. The discomfort of staying in her current situation, was greater was greater than the pain of pressing to touch Jesus.

I close this meditation with one simple question: What is your "Why"? What is it that you want from God this month, this year that is worth 21 days of self-denial. What is it that you feel a burning desire to Be? To Do? To have? Write it down. Dare to ask for it, to confess it, to claim it during this consecration! If your "Why" is strong enough, nothing in earth or hell will be able to keep you from touching Jesus!


Bishop Mark Moore, Sr.


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